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Power-Up Your Productivity! Hire a Brisbane Electrician

It’s pretty hard to run a home or business efficiently if your electrics are on the blink. At Peak Voltage, we understand the role good electrics play in ensuring the smooth running of day-to-day activities.

It can be the difference between a comfortable home, office, or factory environment, and an awkward set up that has a negative impact on your surroundings or bottom line. If you’ve been searching online for the right Brisbane Electrician, you’ve probably found us through searches like, ‘Electricians Brisbane’, ‘Brisbane Electrical’ or something similar. From project brief, through to ordering and installing your electrical solutions, the experts at Peak Voltage will listen to your requirements and expertly assess what’s needed. Working with products and systems we know to be reliable, our amazing electricians will provide solutions that are relevant to you and your project.

Make a start towards reducing your electrical bills

Simply fill out the form below or call us and we will take the time to work out exactly what kind of work or system will provide the best solution for you.

Your Local Brisbane Electrician

Our experience and expertise mean we’re qualified to provide the best electrical solutions to a wide range of industries. Previous clients have contacted us to work on domestic new builds, commercial premises and office projects — so our Brisbane electrical professionals really can cater for all. We believe all electrical work is important, so there’s no job that’s too big or small.

Our qualified Brisbane electricians can help you with:

  • Domestic lighting and power points
  • Installing lighting designs on commercial premises
  • Essential emergency lighting
  • Building Management Systems (BMS) – Installation & Maintenance
  • Solar power solutions
  • Power data management and HVAC solutions.

Never worked with an electrician before? No problem. As the leading electricians Brisbane has to offer, we’re able to provide you with relevant advice and guidance before we start work. A no obligation tender of work and quote can be sent to you upon request, so you have all the details before moving forward.

For greater peace of mind, choose to work with us and you’ll be supplied with quality products and materials that we know to be reliable. Whether it’s a project to be started from scratch or you need help with electrical repairs and upgrades, you can be confident of getting the power results you want. On time and hassle-free.

Care for the planet. Care about electrical efficiency

Reducing energy consumption is important. Understanding how much energy your building is using and the areas where electrical consumption could be cut will help you save money. Crucially, it also helps our environment.

As a responsible company, we like to provide power audits to all of our clients. For all our commercial clients, we specialise in providing power monitoring and power factor correction services. Our audits will help identify where electrical energy is being wasted and offer practical solutions so you start to see improvements.

With efficiently running electrical systems, units and machines, you’ll be doing your pocket and the planet a favour.

The simple way to hire a local Brisbane Electrician

Finding the right Brisbane electrical professional doesn’t have to be a time-consuming task.

At Peak Voltage, we aim to keep the process as simple as possible: from enquiry to quote, onsite work, training and post-project feedback. Here’s what to expect…

Step One:

Reach Out

Call or email us with details about your project. While you may have identified that you need an electrician in Brisbane, we’ll be able to help you hire the right professional with skills specific to your upcoming electrical project. At this stage, the more information you can give us, the better. If an onsite visit is needed to fully understand the scope of work and give you some practical recommendations, then we can arrange that too.

Step Two:

Your Quote

Using the information provided, we’ll offer a tender of work and a quote. This will detail expected costs and deliverables. Once you’ve agreed to the project scope and prices that we’ve sent you, then we can really get going…

Step Three:

Work & Installation

With project details and deadlines locked in, your Brisbane electrician is ready to get onsite. No matter the size of the job, the professional electrician team will complete the work to deadline, with minimal disruption to you. Our team will also keep you informed regarding any unforseen obstacles as the project progresses.

Step Four:

Hand Over

After the work is completed, your attending electrician will hand over relevant project documentation. Depending on the work you’ve asked us to undertake, this your hand over notes might include audit findings, test results, commissioning reports or instructional guides. For more complicated BMS, electrical or solar set-ups we can provide additional training to you and your staff.

Step Five:

Your Feedback

Maintaining a high standard of service is really important to us. Post-project, we’ll reach out to you and ask for feedback regarding your recent experience with Peak Voltage. It also gives you an opportunity to ask any further questions you might have regarding the work done, which we’ll be only too happy to answer.

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Get your electrical project moving

Peak Voltage has professional Brisbane electricians who are trained to supply and install a wide range of electrical fittings in a variety of commercial and industry locations.

Discover what we can do for you.

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FAQ’s – Electrician Brisbane

  • #1

    What happens if something goes wrong with electrics you install?

    All Peak Voltage electricians order, supply and install products they know to be reliable. By doing this, it minimises the risk of anything going wrong.

    However, we issue a warranty on all our workmanship, so should a fault arise we can help you fix it. Simply reach out to us and we’ll arrange a Brisbane electrician to visit your site.


  • #2

    As a small office, can you install a BMS?

    We’re able to provide a wide range of BMS products and options to suit a variety of office sizes. If needed, we’re happy to provide guidance on what will work best for you. From simple light and air con control systems to more complex systems like power monitoring, we’ll only suggest real, workable options.


  • #3

    Can you fix our existing BMS?

    Broken BMS controls leads to inefficiency and a potentially uncomfortable work space. If your controls aren’t functioning as they should, contact us and we’ll arrange an electrician to visit.

    We’ll aim to get you BMS back to normal working order, with minimum downtime, and may be able to make recommendations on how to avoid faults in the future.

  • #4

    As a small commercial store owner, can you help me?

    Our wide network of electricians in Brisbane means we have professionals that are skilled in working to fulfil the requirements of a range of industry buildings.

    From small shops to large department stores and warehouses, we’re able to help install and set-up commercial store lighting and electrics, working to professional plans and designs.

  • #5

    Are you able to upgrade existing systems and electrics?

    Absolutely! Regular upgrades make sure your systems and electrics are working efficiently, which can save you money (and help the planet). Our skilled and experienced electricians will require details about your existing set up, before making recommendations on what’s needed to bring them up to speed. If appropriate, we may need to arrange an onsite visit before undertaking any work.

    Contact us today to give us the details about your upgrade project. We’re only too happy to help you make an informed decision about what you need.

  • #6

    Who should get an electrical audit?

    It’s worthwhile for any building with an electrical output to get an audit. An audit helps domestic homes, small businesses, factories and warehouses identify any electrical items that are zapping more energy than they should. When completed, we’ll be able to make suggestions to help you improve energy use within your building. Reducing the energy consumption is good not just for your bank balance, but for the planet too.

    Arranging an electrical audit is easy. Contact us and we’ll set you up with an audit appointment

  • #7

    Are your electricians licensed?

    All Peak Voltage electricians are licensed, in accordance with Queensland State Rules. They also undergo regular training to keep them up to speed on the latest codes and regulations within the industry. Rest assured, by hiring one of our Brisbane electricians, all electrical compliance laws and standards will be upheld.

  • #8

    What payment methods do you accept?

    In most cases, upon job completion we’ll provide you with an invoice of the final cost. To pay this, we accept credit card and debit card payments although alternative payment methods can be accepted, but need to be agreed to by us prior to work taking place.

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