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Electrical Contractors Brisbane

For expert commercial electricians in Brisbane, look no further than Peak Voltage. We can install power and lighting in commercial environments and look at reducing your power consumption. We can monitor your power consumption to calculate a solution to increasing your energy efficiency while cutting down those hefty electrical bills.

Using real-time reports we can work with you to deliver a tailored solution that suits you and your business’ needs. We are able to provide targeted Brisbane commercial electrical services for high power consumption and office fit-outs. We can install power and lighting in commercial environments like retail, hospitality, office fit-outs and commercial buildings. Every member of our team is experienced with switchboard upgrades and installations, and we specialise in energy reduction including installing LED lighting. We understand that each project or business has individual electrical needs, which is why we also custom make switchboards to cater for every type of scenario.

Make a start towards reducing your electrical bills

Simply fill out the form below or call us and we will take the time to work out exactly what kind of work or system will provide the best solution for you.

Expert Commercial Electricians Brisbane: Reduce your electrical bill

Unlike some Brisbane electrical contractors, Peak Voltage tailor our work to your exact needs. We can track your energy consumption in real time with our complex equipment. This benefits you because we use the information to offer different ways to reduce your power bills. This is done through a variety of ways, such as switching out existing lighting for energy-efficient LED lights. We also offer power factor correction and an extensive range of solar systems to suit all projects, from homes to large businesses. Using the best commercial electricians Brisbane has to offer, we can install power and lighting into office refurbs. In addition, we also do brand new installations, including data and phone systems.

Upgrade your existing switchboards to meet current rules and regulations. The Queensland government requires safety switches be installed on all power and lighting circuits, so your old switchboard may be out of date. We install new boards as required, and can supply custom mode switchboards to suit large commercial projects. We can change lighting in warehouses from hi-bay 400w lights to LED lights. These LED lights provide a dramatic slash to your energy consumption with bulbs that last longer than other commonly used types. Our services extend to new projects as well. We can work with you to develop lighting plans for a new warehouse, to ensure a green and cost-effective commercial electrical plan.

A three step process

Step One

Call or email us

All of your commercial electrical needs for your home or business are just a phone call or email away. Our experienced Brisbane electrical contractors at Peak Voltage always take the time to understand what our clients want.  We will take the time to work out exactly what kind of work or system will provide the best solution for your individual needs. Whatever your commercial electrical needs are, we will always give you the best advice.


Step Two

Work with us to get a quotation

One of the major advantages of working with the best commercial electrical contractors Brisbane has to offer is that even before we undertake your project, we assess each project individually and give you advice solely based on your needs.  Once we have the information required for the job, we will offer you a quotation. This will provide you with all the details so you know exactly how our work benefits you. We can even give you a detailed breakdown on your return on investment when you ask for a solar quotation

Step Three

Your solution

At Peak Voltage we pride ourselves in always getting the job completed on time. Our Brisbane electrical contractors take pride in the quality of our workmanship and always deliver projects to the highest work standards in line with current rules and regulations. We will also provide you with all relevant documentation including test results, commissioning reports or hand-over documents. Once the work is complete, we love hearing feedback from you so we can ensure we maintain our high standards of operation.

Case Studies

Commercial Electrical Contractors Brisbane: A business you can talk to

Are you ready to take the next step with Peak Voltage? The leading electrical contractors Brisbane has to offer are just a phone call or email away. We specialise in building management systems and renewable energies, and are happy to talk to you about which options will be the best fit for your home or business.

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FAQ’s – Commercial Electricians Brisbane


  • #1

    We have a new office being fitted out, how can you help us?

    Plan and install all of your lighting and power requirements with us, no matter how big or small. Our expert Brisbane electrical contractors are capable of creating lighting plans suited to the purpose of the space because we know the importance of a cost and energy efficient business. We have years of experience catering to commercial fit-outs, from offices to big warehouse spaces with massive air conditioning units. We will make recommendations to you such as the installation of energy-efficient LED bulbs. This will maximise the efficiency of your energy use right from the beginning. Our experienced team of commercial electricians in Brisbane can provide you with power suggestions, always taking into account the scale and specific requirements of the project. Talk to us about power monitoring systems, and we can even create a custom switchboard or work with you to install phone and data requirements.

  • #2

    How does your power monitoring work?

    The smart way to reduce the energy consumption of your home or business is via a power monitoring system. Our top quality equipment sets us apart from other Brisbane electrical contractors, so we can install and maintain the ideal solution for you. We have two different types of power monitoring, and our expert team will be able to recommend which type best aligns with the goals of your home or business.

    1. The first type of power monitoring we can install is a one-month usage report. This shows your real-time power usage throughout the day.
    2. Our second system option can be permanently installed into your existing switchboard. This will give you a much larger data base, expanding the possibilities for maximising your power efficiency. We have this system connected to the internet so you can access all the information you require, at any time.


  • #3

    What can you do with the information after you have installed a power monitoring system?

    With the data collected from the monitoring system, we can give you a full report on how you are using your power throughout the day. This lets us break down different ways to save you money, which are guaranteed to be specific to your needs. Some ways to reduce your energy consumption can include power factor correction, advice on high energy usage machines (such as old air conditioning systems) and changing or reducing lighting within the building. A common energy-saving technique is to replace existing lighting with energy-efficient LED lights. You can also talk to our team about renewable energy options. We can install solar systems to suit your needs. This can cover all or part of your energy consumption, and reduce your environmental footprint.

  • #4

    We have old hi-bay lights and we want to change them to LED, what sort of energy savings can we receive and how long do they last?

    Typical Hi-Bay globes are Sodium Vapour or Mercury Vapour. These use about 400w of power every hour they are left running. By contrast, LED lighting starts at just 100w of power per hour to run. By switching out your lighting, you can cut 60-75% of your power consumption. The other major benefit of LED is that they will last upwards of 50,000 hours, compared to standard globes which only last 24,000 hours. The change to LED is a great way to cut your power bill down and make your business more environmentally friendly, with the added bonus that the bulbs will need replacing only half as often.

  • #5

    Do you have experience fitting out and maintaining with commercial businesses and large warehouses?

    Yes, we specialise in building management systems and renewable energies for both residences and large businesses. Our Brisbane electrical contractors have years of experience installing and upgrading building management systems (BMS), and you can rely on us for a wide range of projects. This ranges from designing efficient systems and switchboards for commercial air conditioning units to installing power monitoring systems to increase energy efficiency. Talk to us about power factor correction or find out more about our great solar system packages today. Our expert team are here to help you plan the perfect solution for all of the electrical needs of your Brisbane company.

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