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Need a Mechanical Electrician in Brisbane?

Peak Voltage has got you covered. Catering to a range of commercial, office and industrial clients, we supply and fit Building Management Systems (BMS), mechanical switchboards, control wiring, and automated controls.


Already have a system in place? Then let us help out if you’re facing mechanical failures. Or if your existing electrical control system is in need of modification.

Our expertise allows for the efficient installation of equipment. We believe in keeping your operations running smoothly, with minimum disruption.

Make a start towards reducing your electrical bills

Simply fill out the form below or call us and we will take the time to work out exactly what kind of work or system will provide the best solution for you.

It’s not just our equipment that’s top quality

We’re not a fit and forget company. After installation of your new mechanical electrical system, our quality service standards means that, if required, we’ll provide training so you get the most out of your BMS. Following our visit, we want to make sure you’re happy with the work provided. We ask every client for feedback regarding our Brisbane mechanical & electrical contractors. Hearing that you’re satisfied keeps us going, but we’re also keen to get responses that push our high standards even further.

Offering a range of services — with HVAC being our specialty — we’re able to help with:

  • Mechanical or BMS switchboard building
  • Installation of BMS controls, wiring and maintenance
  • Carpark CO control systems — supply and installation
  • VSD or VFD supply and commission, plus control strategies.

Get a Mechanical Electrician in Brisbane on board

Getting a local Peak Voltage mechanical electrician onsite is easy.



Get In Touch

Reach out to us by calling or emailing the Peak Voltage team. Tell us as much about your project as possible. This way, we’ll get a full understanding of what’s needed.


Receive Our Quote

Based on your information we’ll put a tender notice and quote together, breaking down expected deliverables and costs. Once the quote is accepted, we can really get going…


On-Site Work Begins

With project details locked in, our specialist mechanical & electrical contractors arrive onsite to complete the work required with minimum disruption.


Be Informed

After installation, your attending mechanical electrician will hand over all the relevant project documentation, like test results and commissioning reports. We’ll make sure you’re well informed before we leave the site.


Follow Up Call

To help us maintain our high standards we’ll follow up to get your feedback.

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Get your project underway with the leading mechanical and electrical contractors at Peak Voltage.

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