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Leaders in Power Factor Correction Brisbane

Take a giant leap towards reducing the energy consumption of your Brisbane business by installing power factor correction units. We supply and install power factor correction units for existing and new factories and buildings.


Our expert team specialise in large energy users, such as commercial factory owners and tenants, but Brisbane power factor correction is not restricted to users consuming more than 100 amps per phase. The team can tailor a solution for your business, customising a correction unit for you. We will install power monitoring systems one month prior to the upgrade, to find out exactly how much power factor correction your system requires.

Make a start towards reducing your electrical bills

Simply fill out the form below or call us and we will take the time to work out exactly what kind of work or system will provide the best solution for you.

Power Factor Correction Brisbane: Save energy for your business

Did you know that large companies which use a lot of electricity throughout the day are billed differently to normal homeowners? High energy consumers are billed not only for the amount of electricity they use but for their efficiency as well. That’s where we come in.

We first install power monitoring to find out exactly how much power factor correction is required. Then, we can install a power factor correction unit exactly fitted to the needs of your system. This way, the unit’s benefits are maximised and your bill is minimised. Brisbane power factor correction is useful to all large customers because their electrical bills are made up of both their energy consumption and their efficiency. With a power factor correction unit, we make your system more efficient and remove those extra charges from the equation. This can reduce costs up to 20-25%, depending on how efficient the building is before we install the unit.

Three steps to smaller electrical bills


Your enquiry

The first step to reducing the electrical bill for your business is to contact us. Our experienced team are waiting to discuss your power factor correction Brisbane enquiry and calculate a quote. We are happy to attend the site in person and provide you with our recommendations.


The best fit for your business

Once we have planned the most effective power factor correction for your business, we will offer you a quote. We will keep you in the loop every step of the way, because we value your custom and strive to maintain the highest possible standard of service and workmanship.


A job well done

Peak Voltage take pride in utilising our years of experience to always deliver top quality work. We will arrive at the job site on time and complete the task within our agreed timeline. Our power factor correction Brisbane experts will provide you with all relevant documentation on the project, such as test results, commissioning reports or even hand-over documents. We want to always do our best work, so we will value your feedback on the project.

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Common Questions on power factor correction brisbane


  • #1

    How do you find out what our efficiency is?

    The best way to work out the actual efficiency of your Brisbane business is to install a power monitoring system. This can either be a temporary installation or a long-term installation. Using either option, we can provide you a report showing how you use your electricity throughout the day. The power monitoring system ensures that we can recommend the best power factor correction unit to increase the efficiency within your building.


  • #2

    We have a power factor correction unit already, can you install a monitoring system as well?

    Yes, we can install a long-term power monitoring system to ensure the current power factor correction unit is still working as originally designed. If the system is no longer working at its full capacity, we will be able to inform you and recommend a new option.


  • #3

    Our current power factor correction unit has failed, can you fix it?

    The capacitors stop working efficiently after six to seven years and will need replacing. We recommend you replace the power factor correction unit before it fails, where possible. If there are other problems present in the system aside from the unit failure, we will be able to assist you with fixing these as well.


  • #4

    Will power factor correction reduce my electrical bill?

    High energy users such as big businesses are billed for their energy efficiency as well as their energy consumption. Installing a Brisbane power factor correction unit in your business will reduce the energy wastage 20-25%, depending on the existing system, and reduce the electrical bill as a result.

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