How To Choose The Right Electrician: 9 Questions To Ask

When it comes to hiring a commercial electrician, it’s important to know you can trust them to work safely and to the highest standards of professionalism. Electrical maintenance can be risky and you need to have 100% confidence that your commercial electrician will perform the best job in line with your business’ budget.

In this article, we share ten questions to ask an electrician before hiring them to perform maintenance on your house. Asking these questions gives you important knowledge that could mean the difference between a good value job and a great value job.

Questions To Ask Your Electrician In An Interview Before Hiring

Question #1: Are you licensed to perform commercial electrical work?

To ensure you receive high-quality and safe electrical work, it’s important to thoroughly check that you are dealing with a reputable commercial electrician that has the correct electrical work license, granted by your state’s licensing authority. This electrical work license is a legal requirement in every Australian state, including Queensland. You can double check online with the Worksafe electrical license holder search.

Pro tip: Unfortunately, some dishonest electricians may attempt to operate unlawfully by adopting another person’s license number. It’s best to ensure the electrical license is in your electrician’s name and not someone else’s.

Question #2: Do you have liability insurance?

If you hire an electrician to work on your commercial property, it’s crucial to make sure your electrician is fully insured and you are protected too. No matter the level of care taken, electrical work can be hazardous and incidents sometimes happen. If your commercial electrician doesn’t hold a current public liability insurance policy, you will be taking on a huge financial risk. Ideally, your commercial electrician’s liability insurance should protect not only the electrician on the job but also you, your employees and people visiting your business in future years.

Question #3: Do you have references for past commercial jobs similar to mine?

Before hiring an electrician for a major electrical job (especially an office or commercial fit-out), it’s essential to ask for references. A high-quality commercial electrician will happily provide a list of past clients and may even have client testimonials or examples of their work available online. Take the time to contact past clients who have received similar commercial electrical work to ask questions so you can be sure about the quality of your electrician’s work.

Question #4: How long have you worked as a commercial electrician?

An experienced electrician is worth their weight in gold. As with most trades, the longer your electrician has been working in this industry, the better he will know the job and understand how to fix a problem. Ideally, a minimum of three years’ experience is desirable. If you have any doubts, check your electrician’s ABN details online to confirm how long their business has been in operation.

Question #5: What services do you offer? What special training and experience do you have for this kind of work?

Electricians often have specialised training in a certain type of electrical work. This should be one of your first questions if your commercial project calls for specific expertise, such as power factor correction, LED lights or solar equipment. Make sure your electrician has experience working with your particular kind of project.

Question #6: How much will it cost and what is the expected timeframe to complete the work?

Before you hire an electrician, make sure you have an honest discussion about your budget and clarify how long your electrician estimates the job will take. Confirm whether you will be paying by the hour or at a fixed rate.

If the job is extensive or will require structural changes, it’s best to know upfront if parts of your business will be inaccessible and for how long. Keep in mind that certain things about a job cannot be confidently estimated until the job is underway so estimated times are approximate only.

Question #7: Will you tidy up after the job is completed?

Many customers feel frustrated when tradespeople leave a mess behind after they finish a job. Make a special request that they clean up after themselves when you first book the job will save you any frustration later.

Question #8: Does your commercial electrical work come with a warranty?

For the ultimate peace of mind, seek out an electrician who provides a warranty or guarantee on their workmanship. Most established and reputable electricians provide a 12 month guarantee on workmanship, so if you have an unexpected problem in the first year, you can call and ask them to return and assess the situation.

Sometimes, a problem may occur that is not due to the electrician’s workmanship, for example, due to a manufacturing fault. In this case, a good electrician will provide helpful advice and guide you through the process of resolving this issue with the manufacturer of the part.

Question #9: How can I improve the electrical safety and efficiency of my business?

Having an electrical expert’s insight into the current condition of your commercial property and how you might cut down electricity costs can be invaluable. A high-quality electrician can likely recommend a number of useful solutions to benefit your business in terms of electrical safety or cost savings.

Ask these questions before you hire your commercial electrician and you’re guaranteed to receive the best value for money.

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