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Commercial Solar Brisbane

Enjoying the sun doesn’t have to be restricted to weekends. Or trips to the beach. You can enjoy the sun when you’re at work, too. Commercial solar for Brisbane businesses is available.

As a business that owns your building, you no longer need to be held over an oil barrel when it comes to paying expensive energy prices. You have another choice. One that allows you to take control of your energy costs, save money, and – like many other businesses using commercial solar in Brisbane – promote your company as eco-friendly. As commercial solar Brisbane experts, Peak Voltage works with businesses to install medium size solar systems. It’s an investment in your businesses’ future, as well as the planet’s.

Make a start towards reducing your electrical bills

Simply fill out the form below or call us and we will take the time to work out exactly what kind of work or system will provide the best solution for you.

See Realistic ROI Before Installing Commercial Solar

You’re already in a prime solar power location: Australia. Go solar and we’ll create a power package tailored to your business. Our detailed quotes don’t just outline the upfront investment. They also include return on investment (ROI) calculations, clearly outlining how quickly your business will benefit from commercial solar power solutions. We offer:

  • Basic grid connect solar systems
  • Grid connect + solar batteries
  • Standalone solar and battery systems.

Make the most of the Sunshine State by collecting and storing solar power within a battery, so you can run on rays even when it’s overcast. Or to power up the night shift once your batteries are fully charged. Alternatively, sell stored solar energy back to the grid to reduce your meter readings further (this is subject to approval from Energex). Our team at Peak Voltage are Clean Energy Council (CEC) certified specialists and qualified electricians. As professionals, we choose to work with brands that have proven their high-quality time and again. This is something we look at very carefully when recommending the best commercial solar power solutions for your business.

Getting Commercial Solar Brisbane Solutions


Beam Us a Signal

Get in touch by phone or email and tell us about your commercial solar power 3Brisbane project so we’re in a strong position to advise you on the commercial solar power options available to you.


Illuminating Work & Cost

Once we fully understand the scope we’ll put together a tender of work and quotation, breaking down expected deliverables and costs, as well as ROI details.


Power Up!

With project details finalised, our CEC certified installers and professional electricians arrive on-site to install and complete the work, with minimum disruption to you and your business.



Let the Sun Shine

Before leaving, we’ll hand over all the relevant project documentation. This could be test results, commissioning reports, warranty information, or instructions.



A Star Performance?

Post-project, we’ll request feedback. Let our commercial solar Brisbane experts know where we shone and how we can push our services that little bit further in the future.

Case Studies

Give your Brisbane Business that Solar Power Edge!

Contact us to book a consultation and discover the benefits that commercial solar power can bring to your Brisbane business.

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FAQ’s – Commercial Solar

  • #1

    How do you calculate the system size needed?

    There’s two ways to do this. The first is by requesting data from your current energy provider to find out how much energy you’re using and when. The second is by installing our own measuring devices. We’ll monitor your power consumption for a set amount of time, before compiling a report, evaluating the findings and calculating the size of the solar power system needed.

  • #2

    From start to finish, how long does the process take?

    Fitting a commercial solar power Brisbane system isn’t a one-day job. Initial reporting — which helps us determine what size system you need — can take a month, or more. After data collection, it then takes our CEC certified specialist and electricians 2-6 weeks to complete the install, depending on how big the system is.

  • #3

    How much electricity will I generate?

    We install medium sized solar power systems, which produce between 30 and 100kW of power. The amount generated depends on the position of the solar panels, the amount of sun they get and whether nearby buildings or trees cast shade during the day. Before installation, we’ll help you understand how much electricity your system is likely to generate and your overall ROI.

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