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Solar Batteries Brisbane - Leading Installers

For all of your solar battery storage Brisbane needs, you can rely on Peak Voltage. Our electricians install a variety of Brisbane solar batteries suited to the requirements of every home and business.

With inbuilt storage for your solar system, you can count on your own renewable solar energy whenever it suits you. We add the best solar batters Brisbane has to offer to solar systems. We also offer packages to install a complete system with solar panels and solar battery storage. Our experienced electricians supply and install top quality products with precision and efficiency. Along with our superior after sales service, this ensures your solar storage functions at the highest level.

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Solar Battery Storage Brisbane - The Best Quality

Solar battery storage is ideally suited for homes or even businesses where energy is mostly consumed at night. Throughout Brisbane, solar batteries have helped our clients shift their consumption to their own clean, renewable energy. Leaps in solar technology have made home storage a more cost effective option now than it has ever been in the past. Battery storage helps Brisbane home and business owners to reduce energy bills and the right package can even mean becoming energy independent.

Our electricians can deliver full premium packages with solar panels and batteries installed together. We rely on years of experience to shape our recommendations and then work with you to decide which system best suits you. We will calculate what sized solar panels are required to charge your batteries during the day and also power your home or business at the same time. We offer premium quality LG Chem batteries, which are one of the best manufactured and efficient options available. Our packages are individually tailored to you, so we can offer you the best brands at great prices.

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Contact us today to take the next step with your solar battery enquiry. The energy requirement of your home or business usually varies throughout the day, depending on factors such as the appliances you use and how long they are switched on for. Our electricians will provide a recommendation of what sized storage option will suit your needs. We use years of experience to tailor the right battery storage or full solar package to suit you


Our best quotes for solar batteries brisbane

All of our solar battery packages are customised to suit the needs of our clients throughout Brisbane. We calculate individual quotes to supply and install the solar battery system or package which is the best fit for your home or business. This ensures our services cater directly to you every time.


Installing solar battery storage in Brisbane

We combine premium products and superior workmanship to deliver the best solar battery Brisbane installations. Our electricians will always respect your time and attend the site on schedule, working within the agreed time frame. We provide all necessary paperwork, as well as excellent after sales service. We are confident that every installation is our best work. So if you are not happy, we are not happy, and we will work to ensure your battery storage meets all of your expectations.

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Solar Batteries Brisbane – Complements your solar system

Many Brisbane home and business owners are making the decision to move towards renewable solar energy with our top quality solar systems. Battery storage is the ideal accompaniment to your solar system, storing excess energy produced during the day. When the sun is no longer shining you can access your own clean energy. This further reduces your power bills or can even help you become completely energy independent.

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FAQ’s – Solar Batteries Brisbane

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    How much battery capacity do I need?

    Our electricians can recommend different solar battery storage Brisbane options catered to the needs of your home or business. The size of storage system you need will depend on the level of energy independence you want to achieve, as well as your budget and typical energy usage. Your energy usage will be broken down into the amount of electricity you consume, as well as the pattern of energy consumption at different times of the day. Most solar battery systems have a power rating between 5-12 kW. This can be scaled up by using more than one system if required.

  • #2

    Will my batteries work in a power outage?

    During a blackout if your solar batteries Brisbane are charged it may be able to supply power to your home or business. Some solar batteries will be able to fully meet your energy needs during a power outage. Although depending on the rating of your battery system, you might not be able to run as many appliances as normal. You may also want to conserve power for important appliances like your fridge. You will need to discuss the requirements of your home or business when choosing a solar battery system.


  • #3

    How safe is a battery storage system?

    Battery storage is perfectly safe if it is used properly and is well looked after. There are potential risks, but these are no different to the many electrical hazards already present in the modern home. However, it is important to be aware of the risks so they can be properly managed.

  • #4

    Can my battery system fully power my house?

    Depending on your energy requirements, we can install a battery storage system which is able to fully power your home or business. The different energy needs and outputs of your home need to be satisfied by both the power and energy capacity. Power is measured in kilowatts, or KW, and describes how fast energy can be supplied. Energy describes the quantity of energy which can be stored in the system and is measured in kilowatt-hours, or kWh. We are happy to discuss with you how large a system you need and what will work for your requirements.


  • #5

    Can I still access power from the grid if I need to?

    Yes, remember that as long as you stay connected to the grid, your Brisbane solar batteries will not need to provide for all of your energy needs. Regardless of your level of energy independence, a solar battery storage system will increase your home’s sustainability and reduce your energy bills.

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