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Let our Solar Installers Brisbane help you save money

Cutting your energy bills and saving the planet. Both sound difficult, but a solution to both can be found in a single action: installing a solar power system.

Family homes and small home-run businesses can benefit hugely from solar power. By generating your own electricity and becoming independent of the main grid, you’ll cut energy costs and be one less home that’s reliant on the burning of fossil fuels. See? You really will be saving the planet.

At Peak Voltage, all of our Brisbane solar installers are Clean Energy Council (CEC) certified. Let us provide you with a custom solar package for your home or business.

Already using solar? Then, let our solar panel installers Brisbane give you information regarding possible upgrades, or help you out with service and maintenance so your solar panels continue to work effectively.

Queensland leads the states for the greatest proportion of households using solar. Isn’t it time you joined them?

Make a start towards reducing your electrical bills

Simply fill out the form below or call us and we will take the time to work out exactly what kind of work or system will provide the best solution for you.

Solar Power Installers Brisbane - The light way to power your home

Professionals who work from home and families stand to benefit the most from installing solar power systems. If the building is used consistently throughout the day, then running off electricity generated by the sun’s rays could be a more cost-effective and eco-friendly option for you. Choose a system that allows you to store surplus solar-generated electricity and you could benefit further. Continue to run on sunbeams on overcast days or even after sunset, when new electricity isn’t being produced.

To help with your journey to the sun, our CEC qualified Brisbane solar installers make sure you’re given the right information and set-up for your building. The number of solar panels needed isn’t guesswork. Part of our professional consultation and assessment process involves looking at your current energy consumption and when you use the most electricity. This allows us to advise the size and type of system that needs to be fitted to your home.

Once this has been determined, we’ll work with high-quality equipment and products which we know provide effective and noticeable results. As professional electricians and solar installer experts, we stand by the products we use, choosing them for their reliability and effectiveness.

How To Hire Solar Installers in Brisbane


Send a Solar Flare!

Or simply call or email us to tell us a little bit about your solar power requirements — is it for your home or business, and when would you like to switch to solar? Our Brisbane solar installers will then set up a time for a detailed consultation, during which they will determine the full scope of work and set up any monitoring required to better understand your existing power consumption.


Illuminating the Cost

Understanding your specific requirements means we’re able to create a tender of work and quotation. This will break down deliverables and costs, but will also include our calculations on the expected ROI for your building if you choose to install solar. Once the quote and tender of work has been accepted, then we can really fire up…


Power Up!

With all the finer details locked in and reports complete, our CEC certified Brisbane solar panel installers, along with our qualified electricians, will attend your site to start, complete and test your solar power system within the agreed timelines.


Let the Sun Shine

On project completion we’ll hand over all the relevant project documentation before leaving the site. This may be test results, commissioning reports, warranties or user guides and information. From there, it’s up to the sun to do its job!


A Five-Star Service?

Providing customers with a high standard of service is a priority for our Brisbane solar installers. After your project is complete, we’ll be in touch, inviting you to give us your feedback. Hearing what brought a little ray of sunshine into your life while working with us is great, but we’d also love to hear your thoughts on how we might be able to improve our services in the future.

Ready to harness the sun’s power?

Your journey to making the most of the sun’s power is only a phone call or email away. Get in touch with us today to book your free consultation and discover how our Brisbane solar installers can help you save money, and the planet.

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FAQ’s – Solar Installers Brisbane

  • #1

    Our existing solar system isn’t producing much electricity. Can you find out why?

    If your existing solar power system isn’t generating the electricity levels you know it should be, then there may be a fault. At Peak Voltage, we only employ qualified electricians and CEC accredited professionals. They are trained specifically to find issues and test solar systems. If your system isn’t running correctly, contact us so we can arrange a time and date to find out what the problem is, and fix it.

  • #2

    Is it true that the rebate for solar power is reducing?

    It’s true that year-on- year, the amount of money you can claim back by fitting rooftop solar panels is reducing. This is because the Government has set a renewable energy target (RET) to be reached by 2030, so they want to encourage more homes to install solar panels, sooner. From 1 January 2011, Government created Small Scale Technology certificates (STCs), which reduced the upfront cost of the solar power systems. The number of STCs given out is being reduced by about 8% per year until 2030, when there will be no reduction or rebate that can be claimed by having a solar power system installed.

  • #3

    How do you know what size system to fit?

    Our expert Brisbane solar installers use two methods to determine the size of solar power system needed. The first is by requesting data from your energy provider that tells us exactly how much electricity you use and when you’re using it.

    Alternatively, we’ll install our own measuring devices to determine the same information. We’ll then compile a full report on your power consumption and be able to advise you on the system size you need.

  • #4

    How long does it take Brisbane solar installers to fit a system?

    Installing a solar power system isn’t a one-day task. To make sure you get the right sized solar power system our Brisbane solar panel installers first need to do some ground work, like monitoring your existing power consumption. Next, we’ll assess where to install the solar panels taking any factors that might affect the amount of electricity your panels can produce into consideration. This work can take a month. Once we have the full project scope and understand the size of the system you need, our CEC accredited professional and qualified electricians will install the system. From start to finish, it can take between two and six weeks for a full install, depending on the size of the system. Deadlines, timelines and deliverables will be provided to you before the project gets underway.

  • #5

    Is there a warranty on my solar power system?

    Absolutely! We appreciate that installing solar panels is a big investment, which is why we work with high-quality brands and products that are able to offer reliable support and warranty coverage should it be needed.

    All workmanship carried out by Peak Voltage is also done under warranty, so contact us if you have any concerns after we’ve left your site and we’ll be more than happy to help out.

  • #6

    How often will my system need checking?

    Part of the beauty of solar power systems is that they’re pretty low maintenance. A service check and panel clean (to remove any debris, or dirt that could hinder their effectiveness) is recommended a couple of times a year. Contact our solar installers Brisbane to book a system service and clean.

  • #7

    Our solar power system was fitted by another company. Can you still help?

    Absolutely! Whether you’re in need of a service, wanting an upgrade, or there’s a fault with your installed solar power system, our professional Brisbane solar installers have experience of working with a range of systems and products.

    Contact us and let us know what you’d like doing with your solar power system, as well as a few details about the system you have installed, and we’ll arrange a date and time to visit.

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