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Brisbane Solar Panels

We stock a range of the best solar panels Brisbane has to offer for homes and businesses and our experts work with you to create the most efficient solar system solutions for you.

Renewable solar energy is the perfect way to slash your electrical bills and ensure your energy consumption is both clean and affordable. There is a reason we call Queensland the Sunshine State, and with advancements in solar technology, it is now more cost-effective to invest in Brisbane solar panels than it has ever been before. We specialise in Jinko and LG panels. Jinko panels have been market-place leaders for years, consistently adapting their technologies and providing high yielding panels for competitive rates.




Our LG panels are premium quality, perfect for clients looking for the best- manufactured, highest-performing product. Our team can provide recommendations of which solar panels are best suited to your home or business. If you are looking for a specific panel, we can provide advice. We stand by the panels we recommend because they have been carefully chosen as the most efficient and most cost-effective for you. If we believe another product will achieve the quality you are searching for, we will not hesitate to install it for you.

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Simply fill out the form below or call us and we will take the time to work out exactly what kind of work or system will provide the best solution for you.

The best Brisbane solar panels for you

Solar panels are an investment for the future. When choosing the best solar panels Brisbane for your home or business it is important to consider the lifetime of the panel. The panels we recommend have proven reliability and great warranties, which we will be able to discuss with you. The return on your investment is also dictated by the efficiency of the panel. The best solar panel for your Brisbane home or business will need to suit the available roof space. To simplify things, consider that a smaller number of superior quality panels will produce a yield relative to a larger number of more cost-effective panels. Our expert team will be able to provide our recommendations based on a site visit. If you are interested in a particular panel, we are happy to consider this for you and provide advice. We will always install the panels best suited to your needs.


Reliable & Efficient Brisbane Solar Panels: Jinko

Jinko is a global leader in solar panel technology. Their products are top-quality manufactured for a competitive price, and they have continued to exceed world records for efficiency for years. We install Jinko panels because they are a product we know we can confidently stand behind. Our electricians can vouch that these panels have one of the highest success rates for continued efficiency. We understand that many of our clients are looking for the perfect balance between the cost of investing in panels and the continued efficiency and return of the work. These are panels which will offer the best yield for their cost, and they will not let you down.

Premium Solar Panels Brisbane: LG

LG produce top of the range solar panels which will continue to perform at peak efficiency much longer than most panels on the market. We install LG panels for our customers looking for the best of the best. Solar panels from LG are guaranteed to provide your Brisbane home or business with the highest yield per square metre of available roof space. These products have fantastic warranties, and our expert electricians will be able to discuss with you the benefits of the different varieties and combinations.

How to install the best solar panels Brisbane has to offer


Choosing the best solar panels for you

Get in touch with us today to find out which solar panels are best suited to your home or business. Our experienced electricians will discuss with you the benefits of the different panels we stock. We are also able to order in other panels you are interested in. In this case, the team will be able to provide you with our expert advice. We value the high standard of our service, and would not install a brand of panel if we thought it would let you down. The best solar panel for you is dependent on each individual site, so we will need to consider the location, roof angle and any shade cast over the panels to make our most comprehensive recommendation. Our team can advise whether you might benefit most by more panel coverage, or a smaller number of high-yield panels.


Solar systems for Brisbane

Our expert team will recommend the best Brisbane solar system to install your new solar panels. We offer a range of inverters and will be able to provide advice on battery packages. We know that solar panels are investments our clients are making, and our team will work with you to guarantee you the best return on that investment. We will use our years of experience to make recommendations we can stand by and help you achieve the most efficient system for your needs.


What else to consider

Any sized on-grid solar system will reduce your electrical bills. Depending what you want to achieve, our team will make recommendations for both on-grid and off-grid systems. Our service is comprehensive, so we can install full systems as well as help you with the paperwork. You will save time by using our services to submit the required forms to Energex and the Clean energy Council. We can also provide advice on small-scale technology certificates which can provide you with a rebate for your new solar panels. We value our high quality of service and workmanship, and we will be with you at each stage of the process.

Case Studies

Get in touch to find out more about the best solar panels Brisbane

Our expert team will use their years of experience to recommend the solar panels Brisbane best suited to your needs. We understand that different solar panels are suited for different clients, which is why we offer comprehensive services, starting with a tailored quote specific to your site. Whether you need a quality solar panel system for your home, through to a large set-up for your commercial warehouse, we are here to discuss your options. The team will also be able to provide you with more information on the inverter and battery options we provide, as well as pricing deals and packages.

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FAQ’s – Solar Panels Brisbane

  • #1

    Why do you only recommend these panels?

    We recommend Jinko and LG panels before other brands because we believe that these panels provide the best options for you, depending on your needs and price range. These are quality-manufactured products that we know will perform. Each brand caters to a range of clients, so there should be Brisbane solar panels perfect for your needs.

  • #2

    Do you install other panels?

    Yes, if there are different panels you would like to install which are sufficient quality, we are happy to order these in for you. Our goal is to ensure we provide great service and workmanship, always meeting your needs. If the panels we recommend won’t achieve what you are setting out to, we can recommend other products suited to your needs.

  • #3

    What is the difference between Jinko and LG panels?

    Jinko panels will suit most of our clients because they are efficient, reliable, and cos-effective. Some of our clients wish to take their solar system to the next level, with premium quality and even higher yields. For these clients we recommend LG, which is a market leader providing only top level products.

  • #4

    Will these panels work with batteries?

    We recommend both Jinko and LG panels for their efficiency. They will work with batteries, offering a higher efficiency rate over other panels. This results in a higher input into your batteries.

  • #5

    How long will my Brisbane solar panels last?

    You can expect quality solar panels to work efficiently for at least 20-25 years if they are properly maintained and taken care of. Premium panels which have been properly maintained can last up to 40 years. Most Brisbane solar panels come with a product warranty a separate performance warranty. You are best protected by the product warranty. We recommend the panels we install because we know they are the best available for quality, cost-effectiveness and efficiency.


  • #6

    What is a Tier One solar panel?

    A Tier One solar panel has been rated by large financial organizations as dependable. The title is a marker used by these companies to provide assurance when lending funds for massive solar projects. If a company’s panels do not get used in many large-scale solar installations they will not be rated Tier One, even if their solar panels are great quality. Some companies temporarily loser their Tier One rating if they are concentrating on other areas of the market. The best way to know if a solar panel is good quality is to ask a trusted professional.

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