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Look no further for the best solar power Brisbane prices

Access a wide range of the best solar deals Brisbane has to offer, to suit every individual and home. Our packages start at 3-6.5kW for a domestic installation through to a 100kW for a big commercial installation. Our expert team are available to discuss which sized system will best suit your needs.

We install products we can stand behind because we know they are great quality and cost-effective. Our qualified electricians recommend Jinko and LG panels, and Fronius or Sungrow inverters. We have chosen these options because we believe these combinations can suit every individual depending on their budget. We can also look into ordering another brand for you if it is quality and built to suit your needs. All of our solar systems are fully installed by clean energy council (CEC) accredited installers with electrical licences.

Make a start towards reducing your electrical bills

Simply fill out the form below or call us and we will take the time to work out exactly what kind of work or system will provide the best solution for you.

The price of investing in solar

The cost of installing a solar system varies according to the products used. Solar power Brisbane prices depend on which brands of panels and inverters you would like to install. We recommend Jinko or LG panels and Fronius inverters, as these products are well manufactured and very efficient. Our Jinko panels are reliable and cost-effective, whereas we offer LG panels to clients seeking premium quality products. We can recommend installing other solar panels and inverters depending on your requirements. Our expert electricians are experienced with a broad range of solar systems, so if you are interested in a specific brand of panels or inverters we are able to work to your needs. However, we always use our experience to make judgement calls in our work, so if we believe the product you recommend is not going to function to our high standard, we will be able to suggest more effective products.


Am I eligible for the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme?

Once we know which panels and inverters have been chosen for the job, we can work out how many Small-scale Technology Certificated (STC’s) you will be eligible for. The Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme was created to provide a financial incentive for individuals and businesses to install renewable energy systems such as solar panel systems, small-scale wind systems, small-scale hydro systems, solar water heaters and air source heat pumps. Under the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme, eligible small-scale renewable energy systems may be entitled to STC’s, which can be sold to recoup a portion of the cost of purchasing and installing the system. STC’s are also calculated over the life of the system to the Government’s Renewable Energy Target at the year 2030. This also means that STC’s reduce on January 1st every year until there are no small-scale technology certificates issued.

Getting a solar quote

Solar Deals Brisbane - For your home

Call us with your enquiry and we will provide you with the most competitive solar quotes Brisbane has to offer. We can provide detailed recommendations on the best solar system to meet your needs. We understand that every client’s energy needs are different, which is why our experienced team will take the time to work out exactly what will benefit you. You can choose from our range of panels, inverters and batteries, or discuss with us a particular product you are interested in. The 5kW system is one of the market leaders in Australian home solar systems, on average producing more energy than the typical Australian household. Investing in solar will slash your electrical bills and ensure a cleaner, purer energy future for your home.

Solar Deals Brisbane - For your business

The price of a solar system can vary depending on the size and products used. If you are enquiring into a commercial solar system, we will come and meet with you onsite to discuss all of the details with you and provide our comprehensive recommendations. All of our packages are tailormade to each business to ensure our clients are getting exactly what they want. Our packages will include everything in our quotes with no hidden costs. We are always as transparent as possible and will keep you informed with all of the details. We include all of the equipment necessary for the installation, such as hire of scissor lifts and cranes where needed. We also include electrical and structural engineering to ensure the building will support all of our equipment and the electrical wiring meets all regulations.

The best packages and solar deals Brisbane has to offer

How we calculate the Small-Scale Technology Certificates:

For example, we calculate the STC’s from the formula below.

  • Calculate No. of kW solar panels x deeming period (13 years) x zone multiplier (1.382 – Brisbane). [eg. 3 kW x 13 years x 1.382 (Brisbane) = 53.90 (54 STCs)]
  • The number must be rounded down to the nearest whole number and this will give the actual number of STCs that can be created for the system.
  • Finally, multiply the number of STCs by the current trading value of STCs (currently approximately $30 each) to work out the incentive payment available for your solar power system.
  • From the above example $30 x 54 (STC’s) = $1620.00 (Inclusive of G.S.T)

Solar power Brisbane prices - Domestic Solar Installation

How we calculate your invoice for a domestic installation:

Your invoice will be calculated based on all materials and labour costs, minus your STC amount.

For example:

  • All materials cost $6000.00
  • Labour costs $2000.00
  • Sub Total = $8000.00 + G.S.T of $800.00
  • Total Cost = $8800.00 minus your STC $1620.00
  • The amount you are required to pay upon completion is $7180.00 Inclusive of G.S.T

Case Studies

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Whether you are a homeowner, business owner or commercial tenant, investing in solar energy will provide you with continued benefits. A solar system is guaranteed to reduce your electrical bills, with an average 5kW system in Queensland paying for itself in 4 – 5 years. Any excess energy which is produced can be converted into credits with your electrical provider, and you can safeguard against fluctuating electrical prices. Solar energy is clean, pure and renewable, so your home or business will instantly become more environmentally friendly.

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FAQ’s – Solar Deals Brisbane


  • #1

    What is a small-scale technology certificate (STC)?

    Small-scale technology certificates (STCs) are government incentives to help reduce the upfront cost of installing your solar system. The value of STCs your system receives differs depending on its size and location. To be eligible for STCs, your solar system must be installed by Clean Energy Council accredited installer. All of our installations are completed by accredited installers who are licensed electricians. Our team can provide more information on how many STC’s you will be eligible for.

  • #2

    Will I still receive an electrical bill if I have solar panels?

    Unless your solar energy system includes battery storage and you are fully off the grid, you will still receive a bill from your electrical provider. Your bill will be dramatically reduced (as much as 50 – 70%) by your reliance on solar energy. Plus, any excess energy your panels produce can be directed back into the grid in exchange for credits with your utility. This further reduces your electrical bill. A solar system is an investment which will pay for itself.

  • #3

    Do I need to change my electrical meters?

    Yes, all solar systems require the replacement of your meter to a new digital meter that can monitor how much power you are sending to the grid as well as how much power you are buying from your energy retailer. If you have a digital meter you will still need to get it recalibrated as it will not have the correct programming in it.

  • #4

    What size system do I need for my house?

    All of the solar deals Brisbane that we offer include packages that are custom made to your requirements . When we book an appointment to your home or business, we will offer an appropriate system size to cover the electricity used at your home. Our packages start at 3kW through to 100kW for a commercial installation. The 5kW system is a popular choice amongst homeowners, producing more energy than the average Queensland household consumes per day.

  • #5

    Why choose solar?

    Solar energy is nature’s renewable energy source. When the solar panels have been installed and are functioning at maximum efficiency there is only a small amount of maintenance required to keep them performing perfectly. The photovoltaic panels are noiseless and produce zero emissions as they change sunlight into functional electricity. Solar panel technology is the most efficient now that it has ever been. Repeated advancements in the technology mean the cost of production is decreasing even as the system yields increase, making it even more cost effective. Outdated energy sources such as fossil fuels are burned to create energy, releasing greenhouse gas emissions and using up our natural gas and coal. These energy sources are limited, making the market unstable. Electrical prices in Brisbane have risen over the last year, so the time to ensure your home or business’ clean, cost-effective energy future is now.

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