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Leading Brisbane Solar Systems

At Peak Voltage, we offer comprehensive Brisbane solar systems to suit a vast range of projects. We install solar power packages Brisbane ranging from 3kW home systems to large commercial 100kW solar systems.

We understand that every customer’s energy usage is different, which is why our expert team will be able to recommend a solar system tailored to you. Our expert electricians use only top-quality products that have been tried, tested and found exceptional.

All of our Brisbane solar systems are customised to suit each site, in order to maximise the benefits to our customers. We can offer advice on which panels and inverter options are suited to your needs, and discuss on-grid or off-grid systems depending on what you want to achieve. Our experienced team tailor small or large systems for homeowners, commercial building owners and commercial tenants. We offer top quality solar systems and can recommend which packages will work best for you. At Peak Voltage, we are not salesmen; we are qualified electricians who know our products in detail. We stand behind the Brisbane solar systems we recommend because our expert electricians know what works from years of experience.

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Simply fill out the form below or call us and we will take the time to work out exactly what kind of work or system will provide the best solution for you.

Reliable Solar Power Systems Brisbane

We will fit out your home or business with comprehensive solar system packages that will reduce your energy bill and save you money. We install solar power systems Brisbane ranging from 3kw to 100kw, and can combine different panels and inverters to suit your individual needs. We know our client’s energy consumptions vary, which is why we take the time to get to know what you want to achieve before we make our recommendations. We specialise in Jinko and LG panels, because they are some of the best panels on the market. Jinko panels are cost-effective market leaders, whilst LG offer premium quality for next-level panels. We only install dependable products with superior reputations, so we know we can stand behind our work proudly, and recommend systems with confidence. Our inverters are most commonly Fronius, which is a market leader we are 100% confident in. We also stock Sungrow and ABB inverters, which are some of the most installed inverters globally. For a full system with storage options, we recommend LG Chem batteries because we have found them to be reliable and efficient. If there is another brand you are interested in trying, do not hesitate to speak with any of our experienced team. You can rely on our years of industry experience for our qualified recommendations. If another product is trustworthy, we are more than happy to order and install it for you. We know it can be overwhelming choosing from the wide range of products currently on the market, which is why our team are here to discuss your needs and provide our recommendations from yours of experience.

Our team will be able to recommend what sized solar system suits the needs of your home or business. Our most popular system for home use is 6.5kW Jinko panels with 5kW Fronius inverter. The 5kW solar system is a market leader throughout Australia, as it is both cost effective and produces high energy yields. Continuing advancements in solar panel technology mean efficiency is rising while cost of production continues to decrease. Solar systems are more cost effective as a result. A 5kW system will generate approximately 19-23kWh per day. The average home in Australia uses less than that, at about 16kWh per day. If you have an on-grid system, the excess energy can be automatically directed back to the grid in exchange for credits. This reduces your electricity bills even further. Our expert team will talk to you about the benefits of on-grid or off-grid systems. We are not salesmen, we are qualified electricians who know our products and know what works. We offer a complete solar system Brisbane installation, including paperwork. That means we will arrange the necessary forms so you don’t have to waste time yourself by submitting forms to Energex and the Clean Energy Council.

Set up your home or business for the future with the perfect solar set-up


Find out more about our range of Brisbane solar systems and packages

Our experienced team are waiting to answer all of the questions you have about installing solar systems Brisbane. We are expert electricians with years of experience, so we know our products and our process. We can provide more information on our fantastic range of panels, inverters, batteries and packages. Every home and business has different needs, and we will work with you to determine which set-up will best benefit you.


Getting a quote

Our team will provide you with a quote you can stand by. We will visit the site to ensure we are giving the most comprehensive advice, and to determine the ideal set-up and system for you. The efficiency of the solar system depends on your geographical location and the angle of the roof, so we tailor each system so that it works most efficiently for the site. We are also able to discuss the benefits of on-grid and off-grid systems. By visiting the location before we quote, we can also make sure there will be no hidden or extra costs.


Your solar solution

We value our high quality of service and workmanship, and our qualified professionals always get the work done within the agreed timeline. We will attend the site on time, and provide you with all relevant documentation. We will assist with submitting forms to Energex and the Clean Energy Council, saving you time and streamlining the process. We appreciate your feedback the completion of each job because it helps us to maintain our high level of service.

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Why choose solar?

Any on-grid solar system will immediately reduce your electrical bills. Installing Brisbane solar systems in your home or business is an investment which benefits both you and the environment. Solar power is nature’s renewable energy source. Outdated energy such as fossil fuels is produced by burning coal or gas. This reduces harmful emissions and is dependent on a limited supply. The cost of electricity has risen in Brisbane in the last year. With an unstable market based on a finite resource, it will continue to rise. Investing in solar energy is future-proofing your home or business, with the added benefit of reducing your bills right now.

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FAQ’s – Solar Systems Brisbane

  • #1

    What is the warranty on the Fronius Inverter?

    Our most commonly installed inverter is made by Fronius. The Fronius inverter has a 5+5 year manufacturer’s warranty. This means if it can be connected to the internet, we can extend the 5 year warranty to 10 years. We highly recommend the Fronius inverter, as it is a top quality project with a great warranty which we know is highly effective.

  • #2

    How much does a 6.5kw system cost?

    Our solar power systems Brisbane are tailor-made 22 comprehensive quote which considers all of the details. With all of the information, we can stand by our quote and you can be confident there will be no hidden or extra costs.

  • #3

    Is there still a rebate?

    Yes, there is still a substantial rebate in place to off-set the cost of the solar system. The rebate will be reducing annually until 2030. While installing a solar system used to be ‘a license to print money,’ it still affords you or your business great savings by reducing your electrical bill. The excess energy your solar system produces can be directed back into the grid in exchange for credits. This further reduces your energy bill.

  • #4

    What is the benefit of solar if there is minimal feed in tariff?

    There is still a massive benefit of having solar installed with a minimal feed in tariff. The system will reduce your power consumption during the day from (on average) 26c per kW to zero. This means that any power you use during the day will be considerably reduced and in turn, reduce your electricity bill.

  • #5

    Do I need to change my electrical meters?

    Yes, all Brisbane solar systems require the replacement of your meter to a new digital meter. The digital meter can monitor how much power you are sending to the grid as well as how much power you are buying from your energy retailer. If your current meter is digital it will most likely still need to be recalibrated. This is because it will not have the correct programming in it.

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