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High Quality 5kw Solar System Brisbane

Get the edge on renewable energy by installing a top quality 5kW solar Brisbane system perfect for your home. The 5kw solar system is one of the best solar packages in Australia because it achieves an ideal balance between initial cost and ongoing efficiency.

The system produces high quantity yields, generating approximately 19-23kWh per day. The average home in Australia uses about 16kWh per day. Renewable solar energy will slash your electrical bills. Our experienced electrical team install only top-quality products throughout Brisbane and are able to provide you with start-to-finish advice based on years of experience.

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Simply fill out the form below or call us and we will take the time to work out exactly what kind of work or system will provide the best solution for you.

Tell me more about a 5kW Solar System

The amount of roof space a 5kW solar system requires depends on what type of solar panels you choose. As the capacity of panels increases, it also becomes a little more efficient. A standard 5kW solar Brisbane system using 270W panels will require about 20-40 m2 of roof space, depending on the power of the panels. Each 270W panel measures about 1.6m x 1m. Your solar system’s efficiency is dependent on the daily solar radiation in your location, the tilt and sun exposure of the panels, as well as the performance of the panels and inverter.

Because of the great savings and minimal electricity bills solar customers are getting, the 5kW solar system Brisbane is an investment, not a traditional expense. The exact payback period for a 5kw solar system will depend on a number of different factors, including your electricity usage pattern, the quality of components you choose and the orientation and tilt of the panels array. To calculate the exact paypack period you would also need to know the price you paid for installation and anticipate the exact number of hours of full sun and cloudy days. However, on average, a 5kW solar system normally pays for itself in 4 – 5 years in Queensland.

How do I get a 5kW solar system?


5kw solar system price Brisbane - Quote

A 5kW system is an investment which will future-proof your home or business against fluctuating electrical prices while slashing your energy bills. Call us with your enquiry today and we will provide you with a quote for installing a 5kW solar Brisbane system for your home or business. We are also able to visit the site and provide detailed recommendations for the installation. This ensures our quotes are comprehensive and we can stick by them.



Your new solar panels

We will attend the site on time, every time, to complete the works within the agreed timeframe. We will provide you with all relevant documentation on the project and assist with the necessary paperwork for Energex and the Clean Energy Council. We also request your feed-back on the project to ensure we maintain a high level of standards.



Set yourself up with a solar set-up

Once you have installed your new 5kw solar system Brisbane, your investment will begin to pay for itself. Any on-grid system immediately slashes electrical bills, and a 5kW solar system produces enough energy to run the average Australian household. Find out more about how your 5kw solar Brisbane system benefits you financially by talking to our experienced team.

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Now is the time to start saving with nature’s renewable energy source. Electricity prices are rising due to energy sources relying on a limited supply of fossil fuels. Solar energy is completely renewable and environmentally friendly. Not only will you save on your outgoing costs, your home or business will be much more environmentally friendly.

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FAQ’s – 5kw solar system price Brisbane

  • #1

    How much energy does a 5kW solar system Brisbane produce?

    A good quality 5kW solar system Brisbane produces an average 19-23 kWh per day. This depends on factors such as:

    • Geographical location of the system
    • Cloud cover levels
    • Expected daily and annual solar irradiation
    • Orientation and tilt angle of the solar panel array
    • Whether there is any shade cast on the panels
    • Actual operating temperature of the panels
    • The performance of the individual components (e.g. the panels and the inverters)


  • #2

    How does electricity get stored for use after the sun goes down?

    Systems which are connected to the grid direct excess electricity produced during the day back into the local electricity grid. In these cases, there is no on-site storage for your home. The benefit of this setup is that you can receive credit for any power that you put back into the grid. When the sun goes down, your home will begin to automatically use electricity from the grid again. Alternatively, our team can install an off-grid system, which enables you to store energy produced during the day in deep cycle batteries. With storage, you can use your solar energy to be self-sufficient. Our expert electricians are able to provide you with advice on which 5kw solar system Brisbane might better suit your needs.


  • #3

    What sized system will I need?

    Any sized grid connect solar system will help slash your power bills. The 5kW solar system is a popular choice in Australia, as it produces high yields of electricity for a great price. We understand that each client’s needs vary, so our team are more than happy to discuss with you the sized system which will best suit your home. We can help you work out how large a system you’ll need to gain the savings you are aiming for.


  • #4

    I am thinking about solar but believe I have missed the boat – is it still worth it for me to get a solar system?

    Yes, a grid-connect solar system will help you significantly reduce your electrical bills. The golden age of solar (with its 60c gross feed-in tariffs) has passed, but solar panels are still a smart money choice, as well as a smart environment choice. If your solar setup is connected to the grid, you receive credit for the energy the system produces which isn’t used by your home, because it is directed back into the grid. This reduces your energy bills both by your home utilising your very own clean, solar energy while the sun is shining, and then running on credits from previous days when the sun is down. Having a solar system on your roof is no longer a license to print money, but rather a license to save money.

  • #5

    Does the installer need to be licensed to install the solar system?

    If you are installing solar panels the installer needs an Electrical Licence, and in some states will also need a building licence. To claim the solar ‘rebate’ (Small-scale technology certificates) the person installing must also be accredited by the Clean Energy Council. Every member of our team is a qualified electrician with years of experience. Also, the design of your 5kw solar Brisbane system must be completed (and signed off) by a CEC accredited designer. You will need to sign the design document and for this reason, we would not recommend you choose a non-accredited installer. If you are not claiming any ‘rebates’ (Small-scale technology certificates) you can, but we would not recommend it as it might increase the system price by 200%.

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